Train the Trainer

In-house course only – minimum 6 persons

"There is often more in training someone else to do the job, than there is in doing it yourself"


The principle aim of assessment associated with On The Job (OTJ) training is to ensure a trainee becomes competent in the requirements of the job. The aim of this training workshop is to provide a simple non academic/practical guide on how to assess on the job. It will guide you through the material needed to be competent with each of the components listed below and will provide you with the basic skills, knowledge and techniques necessary to carry out OTJ training.

The Trainer

The role of a trainer is to do all that can reasonably be expected, to ensure the trainee becomes competent. This can only be achieved if the trainer is competent, skilled and knowledgeable. Above all, the training task must always be viewed through the eyes of the trainee.

Course Content

  • Elements present in on the Job Instruction
  • Aids to the Job Instruction
  • Communication, Motivation and Human Relations
  • Principles of Good Instruction
  • Tackling the Job Instruction
  • Instructional Methods
  • Confirming, Recording
  • Lesson Plan
  • Administering the Job Training
  • On the Job Assessment

"The trainer has only been successful when the persons being trained, has absorbed the knowledge and skill, and can demonstrate it in practice".

This workshop is intended for in-house use only. Trainers wishing to seek national qualifications in this subject are advised to attend an appropriate course conducted by either a polytechnic or a recognised private training establishment (PTE) offering NZQA standards.

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