"So you think you know everything about forklifting - have a go and see how much you really know."

1.   What procedure must you follow when the load on your fork obscures your view to the front?

Dismount, check that the way is clear, and then drive slowly forward sounding the horn.
Travel in reverse looking in the direction of travel.
Raise the load so that you can see under it.

2.   Who is responsible for the safety of persons working in a lift trucks operational area?

You - The lift truck operator.
Each person within the lift trucks operational area.
Your supervisor.

3.   What action do you take should the brakes fail on your lift truck?

Jump clear.
Lower the forks to the ground.
Use the gear change to attempt a stop.

4.   At what speed should you normally drive your lift truck?

As fast as the lift truck will allow.
At a speed consistent with the type of load and general working conditions / rules.
At whatever speed suits the operator.

5.   What endorsement must an operator have to drive a lift truck on a public road?


6.   In what position should the gas cylinder safely valve be, when a cylinder is fitted to a lift truck?

At the top.
At the bottom.

"Remember it's not what you know but what you learn and put to good use."

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